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The trials of leaving a North East escort flat

The trials of leaving a North East escort flat

I was travelling up to Gateshead for some training and meetings in the morning. I travelled up the day before by car and had a hotel booked for the night. I also had an hour appointment booked with a North East model escort on the south side of the river. She had a lease on a lovely flat overlooking the River Tyne. The booking was arranged, and I drove up from down south, a four-hour drive. I arrived near the flats with a few minutes to spare. I searched around for parking and eventually found somewhere, worryingly an empty Gateshead carpark.
I walked to the block of flats, which had a very peculiar arrangement. I had to call for the entry door to be opened. This opened into a large courtyard and gardens. I then had to find the next entry door to the stairwell and buzz again to get through to her group of flats.  Then a quiet knock on her door to be let in.
The escort flat was lovely with a magnificent view overlooking the Tyne, and Newcastle on the other side of the river.
The appointment went to plan with some slow and sexy oral sex which lasted for the whole of the appointment, interrupted only by the noise of the pet rabbit munching on his carrots.

Leaving the North West escort

The appointment with this sexy North East escort came to an end. I dressed and left, descending the main stairwell and not listening to the instructions on how to get out. I left her flat, down the stairs and out through the door into the walled garden and courtyard. The problems started, where was the way out. None of the doors out of the courtyard were unlocked. I searched around, trying to identify the way out, trying the different doors to the flat stairwells. None worked. I couldn’t remember the flat number of the North East escort I had been with, so was unable to call her on the door bell. I waited a while hoping someone from outside was coming in so that I could get out.
I was beginning to panic. I was beginning to feel like a trapped rabbit. I did still have her phone number, so eventually phoned the escort and asked her how to get out. Relief she answered, directed me to the correct door and then pressed the button to open the door.  I was free!

Still I was not free as I headed to Byker

I thought I was now free to go to my Gateshead hotel. I found the car and set off to the hotel. Glanced at the map and headed off. Yes, this was some time ago, and road atlases were still the way to navigate. I seemed to end up crossing the Tyne, this did not seem right, couldn’t find anywhere to turn off and was heading into the depths of Byker. I managed to turn off and head back to Gateshead.  Eventually made it to the hotel in Gateshead. This was of course before the days of mobile phone satnavs which have made travelling so much easier.
Back at the hotel, a shower and then dinner before a satisfying and deep sleep dreaming of North East Escorts.